July 2017 | Shine Solar

Month: July 2017


Shine’s Sunny New Site

At Shine Solar, we like to take an educational approach in everything we provide. We’re not into scare tactics, and we’re not into becoming a huge company. Not one of us has any desire to browbeat people into going solar RIGHT NOW. What we are into is making sure people understand exactly THEY’RE what getting into. We want them to make an informed decision based upon facts. So, we provide the facts in our free solar analyses. We provide the facts in our blog series. And we provide more facts in our monthly Solar Insider newsletter. All of this is aimed at educating you, the reader (and maybe having a little contest fun along the way) about all things solar. That way, you can make the choice whether to move forward on the path to energy ownership. But we also knew that we had to back up our educational approach with a solid go-to for people to access that contained, well, everything. The answer was a complete website overhaul that included something for everyone. We have a Frequently Asked Questions page with both written and video content. There is a blog library. Testimonials and real-time reviews from our customers? Check. We also have a little bit about who we are and how seriously we all take our jobs by following our own Shine Solar Code of Ethics. There is a live chat feature, in case you needed answers to your questions now. The bottom line is, we’re here for you. We know the type of company we want to deal with as a customer. Preferably, to deal with people who answer our questions, who listen to our concerns. And who, should we decide to move forward and go solar, would be there for us years down the road. We poured all of those wants and needs into our new website, and we hope that, in so doing, we are able to help with any questions or concerns you may have. So go ahead and check it out. Take your time and look it over for yourself. If you feel that we should include something else, reach out to us. Let us know what we’re missing, or what you think we could enhance. The bottom line is, we’re here for you. And we’re here because of you. Thanks for hanging with us on this journey. And, as always, keep shining.

FAQ Series: To Grid or Not to Grid?

Purchases can be scary. And the bigger they are, the more overwhelming they can feel. After all, how many of us have made a purchase that we later regretted? Maybe we were a little hasty to pull the trigger, maybe we didn’t do enough research because life got in the way and we were distracted, and then – BAM – our new car is a lemon, or our new house’s porch collapses. The question… To Grid or not to grid? What we are really asking is should you get a battery backup? At Shine Solar, we understand the fear of committing to a big purchase. That’s why we want to provide the research for you in this week’s installment of our FAQ series. Today, we’re going to present you with the big decision after choosing to go solar: to grid or not to grid? First, let’s talk about what that even means. While most of our customers prefer to remain connected to the grid (i.e., their utility company), others have questions about complete self-sufficiency, achieved by going completely OFF-grid through the utilization of a battery backup.  At Shine Solar, honesty goes hand in hand with education, so here is the advice we give during our free solar analyses. We can absolutely provide a battery backup for you. However, we do not recommend it for two reasons. Number one, with net metering, you can use the utility company as a natural battery backup and send your extra power back to them. In some states, by law, they have to pay you for the excess power you send back to them. While they don’t write you a check for it, they do pay you in the form of bill credits. When you send your extra power to them, your meter literally spins backward.  So not only is it free to stay with the power company as your battery backup, they also pay you in the form of bill credits to do it. The second reason we don’t recommend a battery backup is that battery technology right now is still very new, and because of that the cost is extremely high. A five-kilowatt battery will run between $5,500 and $7,000, and with the average system size being higher than that, it’s going to totally wipe out your savings. It’s just not cost-effective right now. The good news is that net metering is a natural battery for our customers. On top of that, when batteries do get cheaper in the future (and they will), you have already taken the first step. You already have the solar array, now you can purchase a battery at a respectable price, at a reasonable price, add it to your system, and you’re set. To learn more, visit us at www.shinesolar.com, or call us at 844-80-SHINE.  

Declaration of Energy Independence!

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
  Thus begins the Declaration of Independence, the Thomas Jefferson-penned masterpiece that changed the course of United States history 241 years ago this month. And it is truly a great document. In fact, it’s versatile enough that it could be easily altered in ANY case in which independence is declared. That’s why we thought the time was right for a Declaration of Energy Independence. We love having power. Right? It’s good to have power in your life, in your home, even in your car. And we don’t think about it too much, since it’s always there. It’s something that we easily take for granted. Well, until we get a higher-than-normal electric bill. The beauty of living in this great nation, though, is that we have choices.  We’re not tied to coal anymore. We have the liberty to choose, for the most part, how we get our power. It could still be coal, but the price of going that route exclusively is becoming steeper. It could be wind power. Or…it could be solar. The two most important things to realize are:
  • These choices are open for exploration. Many people don’t realize that they have options available to them aside from paying the amount on their electric bill every month without fuss.
  • These options generally come with the ability to find out how much they cost…for free. Shine Solar provides a no-cost, no-obligation solar analysis, during which we look at each home or business’s energy usage, perform a shade analysis, and give them a custom priced based upon their unique usage. And after we provide you that information, the ball is in your court. We’re not going to hassle you. We’re not going to guilt you. If solar is a poor choice based on the fact that you live in a forest, or sunlight just doesn’t optimally hit your roof, we’re going to tell you that, too. Knowledge is power, and the more you have, the better off you’ll be in manifesting your own energy reality.
This July, think about what your household or business needs. What it deserves. If you have already transitioned to solar energy, then celebrate YOU this month, as you have declared your energy independence. If you haven’t pulled the trigger yet, then check into it. Why not? It’s free to do, and you come out of the process armed with education…which is a beautiful thing whether you choose to go solar or not. Either way, take a moment to celebrate this month. Celebrate life. Liberty. And the pursuit of happiness. And then give us a call if you’d like. You’re great, right?  So this month, why not grant independence…to yourself? 844-80-SHINE.