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Going Solar in Missouri

Going Solar in Missouri

Missouri Flag You have done your research and know that going solar is a great way to save money and to help the environment, but what is it like going solar in Missouri? The Show Me State has been working its way up the national rankings for going solar and is currently ranked 28th. There are 16,779 homes in Missouri that are powered by solar and 2,380 jobs in the solar industry in the state. Solar is spreading fast here as homeowners learn about how solar can save them money. Here are some facts for you to consider as you look into going solar in Missouri.

Sunshine in the Show Me State

Missouri receives 2,690 hours of sunshine a year. This is a lot of Missouri Solarhours that your solar panels can be producing energy. From sunrise to sunset, your rooftop panels would receive about 60% of sunlight throughout the day. Compared to the other states in the nation, that is a little more than the average percent of sunlight received in a day. It is time for homeowners to take advantage of all that sunshine and use it to produce energy! This large amount of sunlight that your solar panels can receive makes Missouri an ideal state to go solar.

Financial Opportunities

The price to going solar has been dropping around the world as technology has developed making solar panels more effective and less expensive. In Missouri, the price for going solar has gone down 55% in the last five years! This is great news for homeowners who are looking to get solar panels. As the prices have dropped, more financial opportunities have become available to help everyone afford solar. Solar SavingsShine Solar homeowners can receive a loan with $0 down and you don’t have to start paying back your loan for the first 12-18 months! Even better, here in Missouri, there are some banks that don’t require a credit score to receive a solar loan. This makes going solar possible for just about everyone in the state.

Solar Benefits

A benefit that all homeowners who go solar receive right now is the 30% Federal tax credit. Through this Federal credit you can receive a tax credit that is equal to approximately 30% of your total solar investment. You can then put that extra money toward your solar loan to help pay that off sooner. However, there is more legislation here in Missouri that promotes the use of solar energy. Missouri’s RPS (Renewables Portfolio Standard) requires that 15% of all the power used in the state must be created by renewable sources by 2021. To further encourage utility companies to work with solar homeowners, the state also says, of that 15% that 0.3% of that energy must come from solar by 2021. That may seem like a small number, but any laws encouraging the use of solar is a step in the right direction. On top of that, Missouri also offers net metering, where utility companies track how much energy you produce and how much of that you actually use. Your utility company will then give you credit on next month’s bill for the excess energy that you send back. You can learn more about net metering by reading here.   missouri_solar_map_data map   Shine Solar currently has an office in Springfield, Missouri and an office in Kansas City, MO. We see the huge potential for solar here in the state. If you would like to learn more about going solar in the Show Me State then contact us here.

Going Solar in Arkansas

Arkansas Solar Owners

Going Solar in Arkansas

Have you ever wondered whether going solar in Arkansas is a good idea? Here are some of the reasons why Arkansas is a great place for going solar. Northwest Arkansas is where Shine Solar got its start. Caleb Gorden, president and co-founder of Shine Solar saw the potential that solar had here and knew that the state was ready for this renewable energy source. “I think the biggest reason we chose northwestern Arkansas is, first, it’s where we’re from, we grew up here,” Gorden said.  “Second, specifically for solar, is because there wasn’t a lot of solar activity here yet. We felt we could be one of the first to market solar with our specific model and make solar available to the masses. There really wasn’t and there really still isn’t anyone else who can bring solar to the masses the way we are.” For many years, Arkansas has been lagging behind as a state in taking advantage of renewable energy. In fact, until 2016 Arkansas came in last place out of all of the states in using solar. In 2016, Arkansas moved up to 47th place, and now in 2017, the Natural State is in 43rdSolar Home

The sun is shining on Arkansas

As of this year, in Arkansas there are 2,137 homes that are powered by solar and over 270 jobs in the industry. Solar is starting to spread in the state, this has encouraged debates in the local government about some of the incentives that homeowners with solar should receive. Arkansas is actually an ideal place for solar, where the state receives an average of 2,771 sunny hours a year. The sun is shining on Arkansas and it is time for homeowners to take advantage of this!

Financial Opportunities

In the last five years, solar prices in Arkansas have dropped by 55%! With the prices dropping there have been more financial opportunities for homeowners  to lease and own solar panels. There are more solar loans that are available for homeowners in the state so they can invest in solar energy. In fact, Shine Solar offers solar loans to customers with $0 down and you don’t have to start paying until after 12 – 18 months! With the prices dropping here in the state, solar is becoming more available to homeowners here.

Solar Benefits

A benefit that all homeowners who go solar receive right now is the 30% Federal tax credit. Through this Federal credit you can receive a tax credit that is equal to approximately 30% of your total solar investment. You can then put that extra money toward your solar loan to help pay that off sooner. Another benefit that solar owners here have is net metering. Solar owners send extra energy they produce back into the grid and receive a credit for the energy they send. Currently, solar owners are being given credit at a retail price of what energy they send back. This is the same as what they would pay for that same amount of energy. However, there is debate within the state government to change that. You can follow more of the debate here.   arkansas_solar_map_data map   Shine Solar has installed solar onto 152 homes in Arkansas and more and more people are investing in solar, as well. Going solar here is a great idea if you are looking to take ownership of your energy and save money. If you have any more questions about going solar in the Natural State, then contact us here.

How Much is Solar Going to Cost Me?

How much is Solar going to cost me?

Solar Home   This is the question that we get from everyone. We know that solar prices have been going down lately as solar technology is developing and improving. But just how much does it cost to go solar? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to give to someone. Every home is different, so even though the cost to go solar is at low price for everyone, it is going to be different for each homeowner. This is why we offer a free solar analysis to EVERYONE. A solar analysis is where we calculate the cost for you to go solar and how much you will save by going solar.  

How do we calculate the price?

  Here are the steps that we go through when figuring out how much solar will cost for you:  

1. How much power do you consume?

The first thing we look at is how much power you have used throughout the past year. To complete this step, we will ask you for copies of your electric bills for the past 12 months. We use this to figure out the exact amount of energy your home consumes.

Utility Bills


2. How much roof space do you have?

At this step we will look at how much space you have on your roof for solar panels. This includes looking to see if there are any trees or other objects that will block the sun from getting to your solar panels. We will also look at whether your home is south-, east-, or west-facing, as this can affect how much sun will reach your solar panels.  

3. How many panels do you need?

Cost Proposal team After looking at how much energy your home uses and how much sunlight your panels will be getting, we can figure out how many panels you will need. We determine how big your solar system will need to be in order to produce the energy that your home needs. Our proposal team will be able to build a proposal that will show how many panels you need and where they will need to placed to receive the best amount of sunlight.  

4. Your cost and savings

At this point we will have the price for you to go solar! We will also be able to tell you how much you will be saving every month from your electrical bill. You will save money every month as your solar payment will replace your electrical bill.  

The way to energy ownership

Looking at the total amount of a solar system can be overwhelming, but it is like looking at the total price of a car or home. It seems like a huge price, but when it is broken up into monthly payments then it is more manageable. You can read more about solar financing options here. Solar Owners Right now, you are paying a certain amount to your electrical company every month in order to have energy in your homes. Your utility company can raise those monthly payments at any time and you don’t have any control over it. By going solar, you will still have monthly payments, but instead of those payments going to your utility company, they will be paying off your solar system. The best part is that those payments will never increase and eventually they will be paid off. When that happens you will have complete ownership of your energy. Get a free solar analysis today to start on your journey to energy ownership today!