Shine Solar | Code of Ethics | Respect and Courtesy

Code of Ethics


Our goal is to treat customers with the utmost respect and courtesy.

Shine Solar - Respectful

Respect & Courtesy

All customers will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy at al times by representatives of Shine Solar.

Shine Solar - Identification


All Shine Solar employees will display clear and obvious identification when performing their job duties.

Shine Solar - Covered


Any and all offensive tattoos will be covered while performing job duties.

Shine Solar - Clean Language

Clean Language

Shine Solar employees will never use profanity or demeaning language while in your home or in your presence.

Shine Solar - Clean Appearance

Clean Appearance

No piercings of any kind will be allowed on employees while performing their duties.

Shine Solar - Drug-Free


All Shine Solar employees pass a criminal background check and drug-free test before being hired. Shine Solar is a tobacco, alcohol, and drug-free company.

Shine Solar - Certified


All solar installers and crew members have earned our internal Solar Professional Certification before beginning work with Shine Solar.

Shine Solar - Certified

Clean Job Site

We leave your home exactly as we found it. No trash or scraps left behind.