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We're looking for talented individuals to help us continue building the world's most successful Solar company

Discover your next career
Your search for the perfect career is over. We want you to join our team and discover what it feels like to finally love what you do and where you work.
Happiness purpose
We're looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are about solar energy and who want to help people save money and finally take control of their power in a fun, growth-centered environment.
You're probably asking yourself
“why should I want to work at Shine?”
Here are 10 reasons you should join our team
Top-notch Training
Shine Solar energy consultants receive continuous, up-to-date training by our experienced leadership.
Growth Opportunities
Shine Solar provides opportunities to grow and expand your talents and abilities within the company.
Shine Huddles
Unity is important to us and our huddles help each of us to learn from one another and grow together.
Fun, Modern Workspace
Our brand new office space offers a modern and clean work environment, allowing you to do what you do best.
Multiple Locations
Shine offers employment opportuinies in multiple locations and even some remote work where possible.
Amazing Benefits
We work hard to provide the absolute best benefits possible in health, wealth, and personal growth categories.
Contagious Culture
There is no denying that Shine Solar has a contagious culture built on teamwork, having fun, and continuous growth.
Fantastic Co-workers
We work with amazing people who are dedicated and focused on their work rather than creating workplace drama.
Fun. Competitive Team
The Team foundation is built in a friendly, fun, goal-driven atmosphere of High Achievers with strong character and ethical values.
One of the Fastest Growing Solar Companies
Shine Solar eis the largest and fastest growing solar company in Arkansas.
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Here is a little taste of life at Shine
If you enjoy laughing, playing, eating, and love having fun at work then this is the the place for you. Work is a big part of your live so we make sure its a place you love. If thats something you're interested in, checkout our available positions.
Here's a few other fun benefits…
checkmarkMonthly Company Breakfasts
checkmarkCash Bonuses & Incentives
checkmarkUnlimited Redbull
checkmarkSuper Cool, Free Swag
checkmarkCereal Bar
checkmarkPersonal Growth Program
checkmarkIndoor Track
checkmarkMonthly Book Club
checkmarkIndoor Basketball Court
checkmarkIn-Office Gym
Not convinced yet?
Keep scolling
If our amazing culture, incredible benefits and exciting growth opportunities arent enough to convince you, maybe our social and environmental impacts will. Checkout these crazy statics about Shine Solar:
Shine Solar has expanded from 20 employees in 2016 to about 200 employees in 2023
Residential solar energy in Arkansas wasn't growing until Shine Solar opened in 2016 but is now growing exponentially
Shine jobs are high paying jobs for Arkansans with pay of $1,954 per year more than the Arkansan's wage
The solar energy installed by Shine Solar has decreased CO2 emissions by 54,319 metric tons, SO2 emissions by 84 metric tons, and NOx emissions by 43 metric tons, helping to keep Arkansas healthy and beautiful
Internal projections have Shine adding over 1,000 of these high paying jobs to Arkansas by 2030
Shine reduced the strain on the Arkansas electricity grid in August 2021 by 5,526 MWh
Shine Solar's impact on Arkansas's economy will be in excess of $600 million over the next 4 years
Since Shine Solar has been in Arkansas, the total amount of solar installed in Arkansas has grown from 2 Megawatts in 2016 to nearly 50 Megawatts in 2021.
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