Shine Solar | Solar Benefits and How Going Solar Can Save You



Our mission is to educate homeowners about how solar energy can save them money, increase the value of their home and make them more self-reliant. Discover these solar benefits now!

Shine Solar Benefits - Valuable Tax Credit

Valuable Tax Credit

Right now the federal government is shelling out a 30% federal tax credit for qualified homeowners! What does that mean for you? It means Solar benefits you directly. How about an extra $7,000 (average tax credit) you get to keep in your pocket this year instead of handing it over to the Feds!
Shine Solar Benefits - Avoid Future Utility Rate Hikes

Avoid Future Utility Rate Hikes & Lock In Power Cost for the Future!

When was the last time your utility company asked you if it was ok if they raised your electric rate? How about….NEVER!? It gets a little old, doesn’t it? Monopolies don’t really care about your opinion, or how much their rate hikes eat into your bank account. By going solar, you eliminate rate hikes once and for all! When it comes to your bills, predictability is a good thing. It provides peace of mind, and helps you plan ahead.
Shine Solar Benefits - Save Money from Day 1

Save Money from Day 1!

Yep, you read that last sentence correctly. Nobody wants to wait years to save money, so we’ve figured out a way to get you keeping more money in your pocket right out of the gate!
Shine Solar Benefits - No Money Out-of-Pocket

No Money Out-of-Pocket to Get Started!

Not a typo. We’ll never ask you for one penny out of pocket before your solar system is turned on and generating power!
Shine Solar Benefits - Immediately Increase the Value of Your Home!

Immediately Increase the Value of Your Home!

Probably the single largest benefit to going solar is the instant bump in home equity once you “flip the switch” on your solar system. Some day, you’ll sell your home, and when you do, the buyer will pay more for your house if it means they can get out of a massive electricity bill each month. That translates into a lot of extra dollars in your pocket on closing day!