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Shine Solar guarantees you can count on and expect.

Shine Solar Guarantees - 12 Years

Professional Workmanship

If, within the first 12 years of your solar installation, you experience maintenance issues due to a faulty installation, we will return and make any necessary repairs, free of charge. Just the first of many Shine Solar guarantees. (Examples include: roof leaks, sloppy workmanship, exposed wiring or components).
Shine Solar Guarantees - Lifetime

Lifetime Monitoring

For the life of your solar system, you will receive free solar monitoring. At any time, via our mobile app, you can track day by day the performance and production of your solar system.
Shine Solar Guarantees - 5 Years

Roof Replacement

If, within the first 5 years of your original solar installation, you replace your roof, Shine Solar will remove, store, and re-install your solar panels free of charge. This is applicable to the original purchaser of the equipment.
Shine Solar Guarantees - 25 Year Roof Replacement


If, at any time in the first 25 years of ownership, your solar panels don’t at least produce the minimum amount of power calculated in your official solar quote (including manufacturer warranty specifications), then we will add additional panels at our cost until you meet the minimum power production you’ve been promised. Additionally, we guarantee your solar inverter for up to 25* years from the date of your solar installation. This excludes loss of production due to new obstructions not present during installation. *Solar inverter guarantee dependent on inverter manufacturer.
Shine Solar Guarantees - 50% Buy Back

Panel Buy-Back

Should you decide to upgrade your solar system in the future, Shine Solar will buy back your existing solar panels for 50% of your original cost. Disclaimer: customer must purchase new solar array from Shine Solar and will receive a credit for 50% of the original solar array cost.