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Shreveport, where the charm of Louisiana dances in harmony with the promise of a sustainable future. Nestled along the tranquil banks of the Red River, Shreveport isn't just a city; it's a shining example of how solar energy can illuminate the way to a cleaner, greener, and more vibrant tomorrow.
Charm and Sustainability Along the Bayou: Shreveport is a city that effortlessly blends Southern charm with a deep commitment to sustainability. It's a place where history and innovation come together, making it a bustling hub for progress and a true champion of clean energy solutions like solar power.
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Why Solar Power Shines in Shreveport: Shreveport's sun-soaked days provide the perfect stage for harnessing solar energy. With over 200 sunny days each year, this city boasts an ideal climate for embracing clean, renewable power. Pair that with the Federal solar tax credit, which can save you up to 30% on installation costs, and the welcoming net metering policies, and making the switch to solar power in Shreveport isn't just environmentally responsible; it's also a smart financial move.
Lighting Up Shreveport's Sustainable Dreams: Shine Solar is deeply honored to stand with Shreveport on its journey toward a more sustainable future. Through our solar installations, we empower the community to shrink their carbon footprint, achieve energy independence, and contribute to a cleaner and more resilient city. Together with Shreveport, we're lighting the path to a greener and more vibrant community.
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Did you know...
Shreveport began in a 64-block area, surrounded by the Red River and Cross Bayou. This spot was picked for its smart location at the junction of the Red River and Cross Bayou, giving access to waterways and their resources. It was also chosen for its lovely scenery, with the Red River and Cross Bayou making the city look beautiful. Back then, Shreveport was a bustling place, thanks to the waterways that helped people move around and trade goods.
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Electric utility companies that serve Shreveport, Louisiana:
  • Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) A regional electric utility company that provides service to over 500,000 customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.
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Discovering Shreveport
Where Culture and Commerce Thrive: Shreveport offers a unique blend of culture and commerce. Explore the Barksdale Global Power Museum, a tribute to aviation and military history. Visit the R.W. Norton Art Gallery, showcasing artistic excellence. Enjoy the serenity of the Red River District, a charming riverside destination.
Shreveport's Five Must-Experience Landmarks and Activities:
    Barksdale Global Power Museum – Discover the history of aviation and the vital role of Barksdale Air Force Base. (
    R.W. Norton Art Gallery – Immerse yourself in artistic masterpieces and beautifully landscaped gardens. (
    Red River District – Explore a vibrant riverside area with dining, entertainment, and scenic views. (
    Sci-Port Discovery Center – Engage in interactive science and educational exhibits for all ages. (
    Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets – Shop, dine, and enjoy the scenic views of the Red River. (
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Let's sum it all up
Shreveport, Louisiana, stands as a symbol of Southern charm and sustainability, where solar energy illuminates the path to a cleaner, greener, and more prosperous future. Shine Solar is proud to partner with Shreveport in its journey towards a brighter and more sustainable community. Through solar power, we're not just lighting up the city; we're powering the way to a cleaner, greener, and more vibrant tomorrow.
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