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Ozark, located right in the heart of the breathtaking Ozark Mountains. Here, the stunning beauty of the natural world meets the exciting promise of a sustainable future. Ozark isn't just pretty; it's the perfect place to embrace the power of solar energy, and it's leading the way toward a cleaner, greener, and more vibrant community.
Where Nature's Beauty Meets Sustainable Living: Ozark is a city that knows how to appreciate the incredible natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains while wholeheartedly embracing sustainable living. With a strong commitment to preserving its scenic surroundings, Ozark has turned to solar energy as a crucial element in its journey towards a more environmentally responsible future.
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Why Solar Power Thrives in Ozark: Ozark's breathtaking surroundings are accompanied by an abundance of sunshine, boasting over 200 sunny days each year. This makes Ozark an ideal spot for harnessing the boundless energy of the sun. Combine that with the Federal solar tax credit, which can save you up to 30% on installation costs, and the favorable net metering policies, and opting for solar energy in Ozark not only makes environmental sense but also financial sense.
Lighting Up Ozark's Path to a Greener Community: Shine Solar is thrilled to be part of Ozark's dedicated commitment to sustainability. Through our solar installations, we empower the community to shrink their carbon footprint and take control of their energy consumption. Together with Ozark, we're blazing a trail to a greener, cleaner city.
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Ozark's lake has more than 1,100 miles of coastline. That's more coastline than the entire state of California! Also, its nickname is 'the Missouri Dragon' because some people say that it looks like a big dragon from the air.
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Electric utility companies that serve Ozark, Missouri:
  • Empire District Electric is a regional electric utility that serves about 200,000 customers in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.
  • White River Valley Electric Cooperative is a non-profit electric cooperative that serves about 17,000 customers in Ozark and surrounding areas.
  • Ozark Electric Cooperative is a non-profit electric cooperative that serves about 19,000 customers in Ozark and surrounding areas.
  • Webster Electric Cooperative is a non-profit electric cooperative that serves about 12,000 customers in Ozark and surrounding areas.
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Discovering Ozark
Where Natural Beauty Meets Community Charm: Ozark offers a unique blend of natural beauty and community charm. Explore the Finley River Park, a serene oasis in the heart of the city. Visit the Christian County Historical Society Museum to learn about Ozark's rich history. Experience the local flavors and friendly atmosphere of downtown Ozark or embark on outdoor adventures in the Ozark Mountains.
Ozark's Five Must-Experience Landmarks and Activities:
    Finley River Park – Discover the natural beauty of Ozark with scenic trails, picnic areas, and river access. (https://www.ozarkmissouri.com/333/Finley-River-Park)
    Christian County Historical Society Museum – Dive into the history and heritage of Ozark and Christian County. (https://www.ccmohistoricalsociety.com/)
    Downtown Ozark – Stroll through charming streets filled with local shops, restaurants, and a strong sense of community.
    Ozark Mountain Trails – Embark on hiking and outdoor adventures in the picturesque Ozark Mountains. (https://www.nps.gov/ozar/planyourvisit/hiking-in-the-ozarks.htm)
    Smallin Civil War Cave – Explore the depths of history and nature in this captivating cave. (https://smallincave.com/)
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Let's sum it all up
Ozark, Missouri, stands as a shining example of how solar energy can illuminate the path to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future. Shine Solar is honored to partner with Ozark in its journey towards a brighter and more environmentally responsible community. Through solar power, we're not just lighting up the city; we're powering the way to a cleaner and more vibrant tomorrow.
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