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Tulsa, where the spirit of innovation dances hand in hand with the promise of a sustainable future. As a dynamic city with a rich history and a forward-looking vision, Tulsa isn't just another urban center; it's a shining example of how solar energy can light the way to a cleaner, greener, and more prosperous tomorrow.
Innovation and Sustainability: The Tulsa Way: Tulsa is a city where innovation and sustainability aren't just buzzwords; they're a way of life. It's a place where history and progress coexist seamlessly, making it a vibrant hub for innovation and a true advocate for clean energy solutions like solar power.
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Why Solar Power Thrives in Tulsa: Tulsa's sun-soaked days provide the perfect canvas for harnessing solar energy. With over 230 sunny days each year, this city boasts an ideal climate for embracing clean, renewable power. Pair that with the Federal solar tax credit, which can save you up to 30% on installation costs, and the friendly net metering policies, and choosing solar power in Tulsa isn't just environmentally sound; it's also a savvy financial move.
Lighting Up Tulsa's Sustainable Vision: Shine Solar is honored to stand alongside Tulsa on its journey toward a more sustainable future. Through our solar installations, we empower the community to shrink their carbon footprint, achieve energy independence, and contribute to a cleaner and more resilient city. Together with Tulsa, we're illuminating the path to a greener and more vibrant community.
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Tulsa, Oklahoma, was once known as the 'Oil Capital of the World'. In the early 1900s, Tulsa was a major center for the oil industry. The city was home to a number of oil companies and refineries, and it was a major hub for the transportation of oil. As heritage of that oil boom, now it has over one of the biggest collections of Art Deco buildings.ht150.com/
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Electric utility companies that serve Tulsa, Oklahoma:
  • Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) A regulated electric utility company that provides service to over 550,000 customers in 25 counties in eastern and southwestern Oklahoma.
  • Oklahoma Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit electric cooperative founded in 1937 & serving over 50,000 members.
  • Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative is an electric cooperative that provides service in Oklahoma.
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Discovering Tulsa
Where History and Culture Thrive: Tulsa offers a unique blend of history and culture. It is home to two world-renowned art museums, the Philbrook Museum of Art and the Gilcrease Museum, you must explore these cultural gems. Visit the Woody Guthrie Center, celebrating the life and legacy of the legendary folk singer. Enjoy the serenity of the Gathering Place, an expansive riverfront park designed for all to enjoy.
Tulsa City's Five Must-Experience Landmarks and Activities:
    Philbrook Museum of Art – Immerse yourself in art and culture amidst beautiful gardens. (https://philbrook.org/)
    Woody Guthrie Center – Explore the life and music of a folk legend. (https://woodyguthriecenter.org)
    Gathering Place – Enjoy the outdoors in a sprawling riverfront park with endless activities. (https://www.gatheringplace.org/)
    Gilcrease Museum – Delve into American history and art at this renowned museum. (https://gilcrease.org/)
    Tulsa Botanic Garden – Discover themed gardens and natural beauty in this oasis. (https://www.tulsabotanic.org)
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Let's sum it all up
Tulsa, Oklahoma, stands as a symbol of innovation and sustainability, where solar energy illuminates the path to a cleaner, greener, and more prosperous future. Shine Solar is proud to partner with Tulsa in its journey towards a brighter and more sustainable community. Through solar power, we're not just lighting up the city; we're powering the way to a cleaner, greener, and more vibrant tomorrow.
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