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We could tell you that our company is amazing and all but that doesnt prove much so we figured it would be better to let our 3000+ 5 star customer reviews do that for us.
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Everything they told us has come true
Since we've had the solar panels and they've saved us about $100 a month on average. I don't have any regrets whatsoever going solar, only that I'd get more panels and then I could get more of these checks coming back.
Lori Jones

My March bill went from about $225 to $25
I would highly recommend Shine Solar to anyone looking to reduce their electric cost, especially right now as we've had an increase in inflation and I don't think it's going to get any better anytime soon, so I'm thinking that's the way to go in the future.
Katy Meads

They make everything really easy and stress free
It's it's been a really great experience with Shy Solar and getting the panels and I would highly recommend that to anyone.
Jorge Quinones

It just makes sense to get solar power
So for me, I just wanted to have my bills close to 0 as possible without throwing too much extra into the grid. It's it's been a great decision and I would recommend [Shine Solar] to anybody.
Chuck Trudo
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5.05 star review
I highly recommend Shine Solar. This process was simple from start to finish. They handled everything for me. Customer service was phenomenal. They were reaching out to constantly keeping me posted on the process and answering all my questions.
Tyler Trudo
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5.05 star review
We were so excited to work with this company! They mapped out and explained everything about our system and the benefits. We sent the specs to our son who is an electrician. He said everything looked great and the company uses high quality panels. Shine Solar was quick to respond to our every question or concern. We also felt very safe, in this time of Covid, with the install process.
Georgia Maberry
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5.05 star review
…Shine Solar was very quick and knowledgeable with their service… I recently just got my first electric bill of $17.11! I'm the third person in my family to have Shine Solar panels and we have nothing but great things to say. Highly recommend!
jim tang
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5.05 star review
The people at Shine Solar are nothing but amazing! Each one that we have worked with have guided us through the process of design, installation, etc without a hitch, and have taken the time to answer every question. I highly recommend Shine Solar for your solar needs.
Cassi Gilbow
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5.05 star review
Great customer service. Easy and smooth process. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to go solar.
Rashanda Smith
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There has never been a better time to GO SOLAR
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5.05 star review
Our Shine Solar HVAC install crew was super respectful, friendly, and patient. They made sure everything was to our satisfaction, and worked straight through both lunch and dinner to get our installation done. We were very impressed with their professionalism and conduct. Great experience! Thank you Shine Solar.
Leah Kaelin
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5.05 star review
We had 3 split HVAC systems installed in our home from Shine Solar. The men who installed them (Ben, Mike H. &Ryan) did a wonderful job. They were very efficient, professional, and tidy. They cleaned up after they were done. Not a spec of dust, trash or screws anywhere. They did a awesome job, and we love our new system.
Deborah Zornes
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5.05 star review
Very professional. I did my homework before hiring shine. I wanted a company that had been around for a long time rather than one of the new pop up companies. They gave me updates on the process from the beginning to the end. They walked me threw the app and explain to me how it all worked. Even the city said they did a good job which is pretty rare from what I have heard.
Joey Barker
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5.05 star review
I’m just getting started on my solar journey but I did just have the HVAC system installed. Kurt J, Chris A and Carter D were the guys that did my install and I was pleased with how it went. The initial day they made sure to stay as long as they needed to stay to have a/c back on asap since I have a baby in the home. Which was greatly appreciated. They did a second day to finish the install and tweak some small adjustments to make sure everything would be good to go. So far the process has been great and everyone I’ve dealt with has been so pleasant. They’ve been great at explaining and answering questions. Even if I’ve thought of something after the initial conversation. Everyone has been more than willing to take the time to explain or just make sure I understand. Which was very appreciated. Especially as a woman because some companies in these types of fields don’t feel they need to explain why just that it needs to be done. I appreciate that and would recommend this company to other woman that would be needing this type of work. I’ve not felt I was pushed into something I didn’t need and have been explained the best options with pros and cons of each.
Karla Howry
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5.05 star review
Our experience was super easy and painless. From our first contact with our sales rep. to the install, to generating power, it took about 3-4 weeks. We live in the county so with no permitting needed, Shine got the job done in about 2 weeks. A week later we noticed a large drop in energy usage on our Entergy App. The panels were turned on and generating power! This is because they do not outsource anything. Everyone involved right down to the install crew is an employee of Shin. They will not try to over sell you, they don't work on commission. We didn't have any historical data since it was a new house, so Ryan recommended a smaller system and to re-evaluate next year to see if we need to buy more panels. Another Company tried to build us a much larger system that, without the data to go on, probably would have generated more power than we use. That sounds like a good thing except even with net metering your bill can never be $0, you still have the customer charge, and they don't pay you for over generating. You want a system that gives you enough credit during the day times to cover the non-sunshine hours, or gets close. If I had to do it again, I would choose shine.. If you decide to go solar let me know and I will refer you. You get Ryan as your sales agent and I get$300. And no I didn't write this review just to get the $300 LOL
Kell Richardson
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