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Known as the Show Me state, Missouri has a rich history and a diverse cultural heritage. From the jazz and BBQ of Kansas City to the Gateway Arch and Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis, there is no shortage of things to do and see. Missourians also love their sports and are host to several major league sports organizations such as the 2020 Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as the World Series winning St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals. Missouri is also home to the nation’s largest outdoor and hunting supplier, Bass Pro, and to O’Reilly Auto Parts, both of which are headquartered in Springfield. Famous Missourians include Walt Disney, James Cash (J.C.) Penney, Mark Twain, Edwin Hubble, John Goodman and Brad Pitt to name a few.

Anheuser Busch, Inc.

With such a strong and independent spirit, many Missourians have begun to embrace solar power as a viable alternative home energy source. Part of this is the result of its increasing affordability. Solar prices have fallen 40% over the last five years in Missouri. This, combined with a 30% federal income tax credit for installing a home solar panel system has led many homeowners to take charge of their energy needs by becoming energy independent through solar power.

This is where Shine can help.

Missouri Solar Panel Installer

There are many factors to consider when it comes to installing a solar panel system on your home. You need a trusted partner that will guide you through this process and provide the maximum value for your money.

At Shine, we are not just a solar panel installer, we are your partner and we’re in it for the long haul. Unlike many other solar companies, we continue providing you with service long after your system has been installed. In addition, Shine is a regional solar company based in Rodgers, Arkansas and serves throughout Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee. Our Southern roots mean we are all about providing the best service possible at an affordable price.

We also bring added value to your investment. Not only do we install high-quality solar panel systems affordably, we also provide you with additional benefits such as home energy efficiency improvements as part of every system we install. This helps reduce your out-of-pocket cost and improves the comfort of your home during periods of extreme temperatures. We also give you a boost your first year of ownership by providing zero down financing free of interest and payments for up to 12 months. When combined with a 30% federal income tax credit for installing solar panels on your home, the cost of going solar becomes very easy and affordable.

Areas We Serve

Missouri St. Louis Arch

Currently, we are serving residential homeowners throughout the Western Missouri area. However, we are always expanding. Call us at 844-80-SHINE to find out if we are near you.

Zero Down, Zero Payments and Zero Interest for 12 Months

When you switch to solar you are effectively trading your power bill for a monthly solar loan payment. The loan goes towards purchasing your solar panels and other necessary equipment. After you finish paying for the panels, you no longer make a monthly payment. The “12 months, no interest, no payments” means you don't pay a penny for the first 12-months that you own your solar system.

Federal Income Tax Credit for Solar Panel Installation

Tax credit

Right now, the federal government is shelling out a 30% federal income tax credit for qualified homeowners! This means solar benefits you directly. How about an extra $7,000 (average tax credit) to keep in your pocket this year instead of handing it over to the Feds? Or use it to help pay for your new system. The choice is yours!

Shine Home

On every solar installation, we include a package of energy-efficient upgrades. We call this our Shine Home program. It includes an in-house energy audit to assess your home's energy performance and identify any deficiencies that may exist. Your audit results are then reviewed by one of our energy experts to determine the specific services needed to protect, air seal, and properly insulate your home. Not only does this reduce your home energy requirements and save you money, but it also improves the comfort of your home, especially during the summer and winter seasons.

Home Battery Systems

In addition to solar, Shine also provides its customers with a home battery storage solution so that you can cut ties with your utility permanently. We offer many different battery systems for this purpose, one of which is called Enphase. This comprehensive energy storage system provides everything you need to live off the grid without compromising your quality of life or comfort.

Shine Air

As a complement to our other energy services, Shine Air also provides professional installation, repair, and service of energy-efficient HVAC systems. This is the perfect complement to the home energy efficiency upgrades provided by our Shine Home program because heating and cooling makes up the biggest part of your home’s energy use. By installing an energy efficient HVAC system, you can lower your utility bills by 30-40%.

Our Guarantees

Shine Solar Guarentees


For the life of your solar system, you will receive free solar monitoring. At any time, via our mobile app, you can track day by day the performance and production of your solar system.


Each Shine Solar system is guaranteed to produce a specific amount of energy, which is calculated in our official solar savings report, for the first 25 years of ownership.


If within the first 12 years of your solar installation, you experience maintenance issues due to a faulty installation, we will return and make any necessary repairs, free of charge.


Should you decide to upgrade your solar system in the future, Shine Solar will buy back your existing solar panels for 50% of your original cost.

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If you live in Missouri and are interested in solar energy, let us know! Find out how you can become energy independent while increasing the comfort of your home, all for one affordable price. Call us today at 844-80-SHINE or visit our website at

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For more information about going solar, its savings, benefits and incentives, visit the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA).