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How Much is Solar Going to Cost Me?

How much is Solar going to cost me?

Solar Home   This is the question that we get from everyone. We know that solar prices have been going down lately as solar technology is developing and improving. But just how much does it cost to go solar? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to give to someone. Every home is different, so even though the cost to go solar is at low price for everyone, it is going to be different for each homeowner. This is why we offer a free solar analysis to EVERYONE. A solar analysis is where we calculate the cost for you to go solar and how much you will save by going solar.  

How do we calculate the price?

  Here are the steps that we go through when figuring out how much solar will cost for you:  

1. How much power do you consume?

The first thing we look at is how much power you have used throughout the past year. To complete this step, we will ask you for copies of your electric bills for the past 12 months. We use this to figure out the exact amount of energy your home consumes.

Utility Bills


2. How much roof space do you have?

At this step we will look at how much space you have on your roof for solar panels. This includes looking to see if there are any trees or other objects that will block the sun from getting to your solar panels. We will also look at whether your home is south-, east-, or west-facing, as this can affect how much sun will reach your solar panels.  

3. How many panels do you need?

Cost Proposal team After looking at how much energy your home uses and how much sunlight your panels will be getting, we can figure out how many panels you will need. We determine how big your solar system will need to be in order to produce the energy that your home needs. Our proposal team will be able to build a proposal that will show how many panels you need and where they will need to placed to receive the best amount of sunlight.  

4. Your cost and savings

At this point we will have the price for you to go solar! We will also be able to tell you how much you will be saving every month from your electrical bill. You will save money every month as your solar payment will replace your electrical bill.  

The way to energy ownership

Looking at the total amount of a solar system can be overwhelming, but it is like looking at the total price of a car or home. It seems like a huge price, but when it is broken up into monthly payments then it is more manageable. You can read more about solar financing options here. Solar Owners Right now, you are paying a certain amount to your electrical company every month in order to have energy in your homes. Your utility company can raise those monthly payments at any time and you don’t have any control over it. By going solar, you will still have monthly payments, but instead of those payments going to your utility company, they will be paying off your solar system. The best part is that those payments will never increase and eventually they will be paid off. When that happens you will have complete ownership of your energy. Get a free solar analysis today to start on your journey to energy ownership today!

What You Should Know Before Going Solar

What You Should Know Before Going Solar

1. Solar is more affordable than ever

There has been so much research done in the field of solar energy that they have found ways to make solar panels more efficiently and with lower costs. This means that prices for buying solar panels are at their lowest right now. As the prices have lowered, there has been a greater demand for solar from businesses and home owners. Going solar is no longer a luxury of the wealthy, but something that anyone can afford.  

2. The Federal Tax Credit

To support the production of clean energy, the U.S. government is currently offering a Solar Investment Federal Tax Credit for those business owners and homeowners that go solar. You can save up to 30% off your solar panels by receiving this tax credit. Unfortunately, this tax credit won’t last forever as it is set to be cut in the next 5 years. Take advantage of this great opportunity while it is still available.

3. There are great financial options

As interest in solar has increased, more options for paying to go solar have opened up. Banks will offer loans that are similar to home-equity loans for you to go solar. The best part is that we offer a loan plan that is $0 down and you have 18 months before you have to start paying back your loan. This way you can start to see your savings come in from your solar panels before paying it back. Some banks in Missouri also don’t require a credit score to qualify for a loan. There are so many great financial options here in Arkansas and Missouri that solar is available to anyone. Which means, everyone can experience great savings, even in the first month of going solar. You can get a free solar analysis to learn what financial options are available to you! Savings

4. You can stay connected

Many people worry that if they go solar, they will be out of power during a cloudy week because their panels won’t produce enough energy. This is not a problem that you will face with solar. You can stay connected to the power grid so if your panels ever don’t produce enough energy, then you will receive energy from your power company. This also works in reverse, if your panels are producing more energy than you need, then it will be sent back into the grid and used by someone else. This will earn you credit from your utility company, which will offset any costs you may have incurred from the power company. We also won’t be leaving you anytime soon. Shine Solar offers production guarantees for up to 25 years. That means we are here for you if anything ever goes wrong with your panels or if you ever have any questions after your installation.    

5. Educate yourself

Solar is still a pretty new concept, especially in Arkansas and Missouri, so be sure to learn as much as you can about solar. This is a big investment and one that you should understand before buying. Education is a huge focus at Shine Solar, check out our blog and other website pages to learn more about going solar. We try to compile as much information as we can for you, so you can be prepared for this decision.   Solar Analysis Read as much as you can and ask all of your questions, so you can be armed with the knowledge you need. Receive a free solar analysis, where we will tell you whether solar will work for your home or not. Keep learning, solar is an incredible investment, but one that you want to be sure of. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to help.        

Solar Financing: A Day in the Life

It’s one thing to know you want a solar analysis, but quite another to understand the inner workings of the process. From signing papers, to financing, to more paperwork, to installation, there are many steps along the way that may seem confusing. For that reason, we here at Shine thought we should offer a new blog series, A Day in the Life. Financing is our second segment in the series, following last week’s Part One, The Energy Consultant.

Financing 101

This week, Skylar Mann, Shine’s HR and Finance Manager, takes the spotlight. Skylar wears many hats at Shine, because she’s just that good! In her spare time, she trains in MMA, so she knows discipline. As our finance manager, Skylar goes through each deal as it hits finance verification. Verification is the fourth stage in the process, following the scheduled appointment, site survey, and design review.

Financing Documentation

There are several financing options for our customers. Skylar first makes sure that the energy consultant sent her the correct loan documents. If it is a cash customer, Skylar requires an install agreement and payment plan.

Financing Fine-Toothing

After Skylar confirms the correct loan documents, she checks certain items for accuracy. She makes sure, for example, that the system size is correct, and that the paperwork includes the requested attachments.

Financing Finalization

Once Skylar approves the paperwork order, she confirms that the financing is covered on the lending side. Each lender is different, so Skylar stays informed of each step in the customer’s install. This way, she can sent that lender’s paperwork at the correct stage.
After Skylar sends the requested paperwork and it is approved, the job is funded! From that point, the customer moves on to the best stage of all…interconnection!
Who will be next in our Day in the Life? Join us next week!
  Check out our Financing Day in the Life video summary!

Shine Energy Consultants: A Day in the Life

It’s one thing to know you’d like to have a free solar analysis, but another to understand the inner workings of the process. From getting that analysis from our consultants, to signing papers, to financing, to more paperwork, to installation, there are many steps along the way that may seem confusing.

A Day in the Life

For that reason, we here at Shine Solar thought we should offer a new blog series, A Day in the Life. Each segment will focus on one department within our company, presented from that employee point of view. That way, we can explain our part in your process! So let’s begin with the people you meet first: our energy consultants. Our consultants cover a lot of territory from Arkansas to Missouri, and that territory continues to grow!

Part One: Our Energy Consultants

When you decide to get a free solar analysis and contact us, we first turn to our consultants. Your information is entered into our system, and, based upon your location, a consultant is assigned to you for that first point of contact. Today we’ll be talking to one of those consultants, Missouri’s Dustin Moreland, about his solar process.

In the Beginning…

When someone requests a free analysis and is assigned to his location, Dustin calls them to get some background information. Once that information is verified, Dustin gathers energy usage amounts and past bills from the customer’s utility company, and sets an appointment to visit the customer’s home.  The time between this call and the appointment enables us to build a custom proposal based on that customer’s usage, and that way they get the most accurate numbers. This is why we don’t have one-size-fits-all pricing.

Appointment Time!

When he arrives for the appointment, Dustin first presents the proposal. He gives an overview of how solar works and what the customer is purchasing. Next, he discusses our referral program (in which we pay you!). After that, he walks the customer through their customized proposal and answers any questions they might have. He begins the process of getting customers interested in financing qualified.
If the customer looks at the proposal, likes the savings, qualifies for financing, and is ready to commit? Well, Dustin is prepared with paperwork. First, he presents an install agreement to be signed. Next, he sets up a time to do a site survey. This is a simple process that looks at property structure and electrical components, and we do this to verify that the proposed solar array will work as it should.
Next, Dustin calls Elements Capital Bank for a welcome call with financing customers, and also answers any final questions the customer has.
After that? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned for our next installment! Can’t wait? Want to know more information NOW? Just fill out our form here, and someone will contact you! Or give us a call at 844-80-SHINE!
Check out our summary video below!