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Texarkana, where the Lone Star State's spirit of innovation meets the promise of a sustainable future. Nestled on the border of Texas and Arkansas, Texarkana is a unique city that bridges communities and wholeheartedly embraces solar energy as a pathway to a cleaner and brighter tomorrow.
Bridging Communities and Embracing Sustainability: Texarkana is more than just a city; it's a symbol of unity and cooperation as it straddles state lines. This spirit extends to its unwavering commitment to sustainability, making it a place where solar energy isn't just a source of power, but a way to connect, protect, and drive progress forward.
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Why Solar Power Shines in Texarkana: Texarkana's sunny disposition provides an excellent canvas for harnessing the abundant energy of the sun. With over 200 sunny days each year, this city boasts the perfect climate for embracing the power of clean, renewable energy. Combine that with the Federal solar tax credit, which can save you up to 30% on installation costs, and the accommodating net metering policies, and choosing solar power in Texarkana isn't just a responsible environmental choice; it's a savvy financial one.
Lighting Up Texarkana's Sustainable Vision: Shine Solar stands proudly beside Texarkana on its remarkable journey towards a more sustainable future. Through our solar installations, we empower the community to reduce their carbon footprint, gain energy independence, and contribute to a cleaner and more resilient city. Together with Texarkana, we're illuminating the path to a greener and more vibrant community.
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Did you know...
Texarkana's name is quite clever. It combines 'Tex' from Texas and 'Ark' from Arkansas, which is pretty clear. But what's less known is that the 'ana' at the end actually refers to Louisiana. This is thanks to its geographical location, the twin cities of Texarkana are rather close to the state of Louisiana. Which makes you wonder, If Texarkana had been precisely on the state border, it's possible that it could have resulted in three separate cities, each in a different state.
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Electric utility companies that serve Texarkana, Texas:
  • Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) A regional electric utility company that provides service to over 500,000 customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.
  • Bowie-Cass Electric Cooperative (BCEC) An electric cooperative that provides service to over 10,000 customers in northeast Texas and southwest Arkansas.
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Discovering Texarkana
Where Tradition Meets Progress: Texarkana offers a blend of traditional charm and forward-thinking progress. Explore the Perot Theatre, a historic treasure that showcases the city's cultural richness. Visit the Ace of Clubs House, a unique Victorian-era home with a twist. Enjoy the natural beauty of Spring Lake Park, a serene oasis for outdoor enthusiasts.
Texarkana City's Five Must-Experience Landmarks and Activities:
    Perot Theatre – Step into a world of culture and entertainment at this historic theater. (https://www.perottheatre.org/)
    Ace of Clubs House – Explore the architectural wonder of this Victorian-era home with a unique club-shaped design. (https://texarkanamuseum.org/ace-of-clubs/)
    Spring Lake Park – Discover the beauty of nature in this serene park with trails, a lake, and picnic areas.
    Texarkana Museums System – Immerse yourself in Texarkana's rich history and cultural heritage. (https://www.mainstreettexarkana.org/)
    Downtown Texarkana – Stroll through the charming streets, enjoy local shops and restaurants, and experience the sense of community. (https://www.texarkanatexas.gov/477/Downtown-Texarkana)
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Let's sum it all up
Texarkana, Texas, stands as a symbol of unity and sustainability, where solar energy illuminates the path to a cleaner, greener, and more connected future. Shine Solar is proud to partner with Texarkana in its journey towards a brighter and more sustainable community. Through solar power, we're not just lighting up the city; we're powering the way to a cleaner and more vibrant tomorrow.
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