13 Reasons Why You Should Go Solar Now: Why Now is the Best Time

13 Reasons Why You Should Go Solar Now

We get a lot of questions about solar every day, but what people really want to know is, why is solar a good idea? Am I going to get scammed? So this week, we decided to cut to the chase and give you a delicious baker’s dozen reasons WHY you should consider
Shine Solar now.

Reason #1

 Right now, you pay an electric bill that will periodically go up, with no end in sight. There are no guarantees regarding how large price increases will be, or how often they will occur. You have a lifetime contract with the utility company. You will never have your electric payment paid off. With solar payments, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.Once your solar array is paid off, you’re done.

Reason #2

Furthermore, your payment will remain unchanged. There will never be that uncertainty about how often your solar payment will go up, or by how much.

Reason #3

Solar panel longevity is incredible. These things are built to last. They’re built to withstand 80-mph straight winds and golf-ball-sized hail hits at up to 80 mph. Tier One solar panels, which is the type we use at Shine Solar, are even tougher. With layers of silicon covered in tempered glass, the only weather-related trouble you’ll have is in the case of whole-home damage from a tornado.

Reason #4

Our solar panels additionally have a 25-year warranty, PLUS our five-year workmanship warranty.Panels are also covered under homeowner’s insurance, for an additional premium of a few dollars a month at most.

Reason #5

What about if you want your roof replaced and it ISN’T an insurance claim? If you get your solar array, and then decide you want a new roof within five years, we will remove and replace your system free of charge. We don’t want to rush you to replace your roof right away if it’s got a few years left in it.

Reason #6

The price of solar has dropped over 70% in the last seven years, while the price of electricity continues to rise. This is why solar has become such an economical choice. It’s not just for the wealthy anymore. You truly CAN go solar for zero money down.

Reason #7

The new school way of financing isn’t like the old school. Back then, solar cost was prohibitive, and financing for solar was almost unheard of. Now, with costs low and demand high, many lenders compete for the right to provide service.

Reason #8

You can also lock in a payment similar to your average electric bill so that you aren’t coming up with any additional money month-to-month.

Reason #9

While solar is relatively new in the Midwest as opposed to the coasts, Arkansas and Missouri have a surprisingly high percentage of sunlight hours. In fact, we’re comparable with Florida and California in that regard. So while we love to joke about “If you don’t like the weather in the Midwest, wait five minutes,” the truth is we’re holding our own against the big boys.

Reason #10

Each of our customers has a personal concierge who will be with them long after the installation. This is our way of making sure each and every person who “Shines” with us, so to speak, receives the individualized attention they deserve.

Reason #11

If your electric bill isn’t lowered after we switch your solar panels on, then we will  pay the difference up to $200.

Reason #12

We will also provide a complimentary smart thermostat and 20 LED bulbs with installation!Why not?

Reason #13

A free solar analysis is really, truly free. You can arm yourself with the information to make an educated decision regarding solar. And knowledge, as we all know, is power.
There are plenty of reasons to go solar today, so give us a call at 844-80-SHINE to get your free solar analysis.


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  1. Thanks for sharing fabulous information. It’ s my pleasure to read it.The sun is an extraordinary source of power that is available all over the world. In the last few years, solar power is becoming increasingly affordable and an increasing number of American homeowners are beginning to use solar power for their homes.

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