Your Guide to 2018 Missouri Solar Rebates

Your Guide to 2018 Missouri Solar Rebates

Are you ready for the future? The price of solar power has decreased by 80% in the last decade and experts report that it will continue to decrease. As solar technology improves, more homes and businesses are making the switch to renewable energy. More than 1 million American homeowners and business owners have installed solar energy systems. Missouri solar power is expected to increase in the next several years. Solar power is a renewable source of energy and is used to heat and cool homes or businesses. It can increase the asking price of a home by more than $10,000 and is a project with a good return. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, you should look into the potential of solar power. Missouri solar power users should be aware of several rebates from the state and the federal government. Read on to learn about them.

Federal Investment Tax Credit

Missouri solar power users who buy solar panels directly or take out a loan are eligible for a 30% installation tax credit from the federal government. Typically, solar power installations run from about $10,000 to $20,000 with an option to buy after 10 years of payments. If you get the Missouri solar power users discount, you will save up to $6,000 in the first year. Experts report that the value of your home will increase by more than $15,000 over the course of 10 years. You should also wind up with more than $8,000 in profit because your solar power system will generate more electricity than your home will use.

Business Energy Investment Tax Credit

In addition to residential rebates, the federal government offers credits to commercial and industrial properties. If you invest in a solar system that generates electricity to heat or cool your business, you could receive up to a 30% credit. This commercial tax credit also applies to wind generators, microturbines, and hybrid solar systems. It does not cover passive solar systems, so make sure you talk to your installer and get the right kind of system. Hybrid solar systems use the sun’s energy to provide light to a business or industrial complex. They use fiber optic “distributed” sunlight and are often combined with heating and cooling solar systems.

Columbia Water & Light Solar Rebate

As long as your Missouri solar power system meets Renewable Portfolio Standards, you could be eligible for a rebate from Columbia Water & Light. When your solar installation generates a surplus of electricity, Columbia Water & Light will reward its customers with up to $5,000 for 10 kilowatts of electricity. They pay $500 per kilowatt that is returned to the power grid and encourage their customers to “go solar.” One of the best things about new solar panel systems is that they look just like roofing tiles. You don’t have to worry about installing solar panels that are bulky eyesores and you don’t have to worry about ruining the look of your home or business.

Empire District Electric Solar Rebate

Missouri solar system homeowners who are customers of Empire District Electric will receive a rebate up to $0.50 per watt for system installation. The company is currently accepting rebate applications on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers must have a permanent solar installation that uses new equipment. The warranty on the solar panels must be for at least 10 years, and the customer must have an active account with Empire District Electric. As long as the homeowner or business owner meets these requirements, they are eligible for rebates. They can receive up to $2 per excess watt that gets uploaded back into the power grid.

Kansas City Power & Light Solar Rebate

Active customers who install Missouri solar panel systems can apply for a rebate of up to $0.50 per watt of solar power that gets installed on their home or business. An average solar power system requires between 25 and 35 panels and produces at least 900 kilowatts per month. A 30-panel system that produces 250 kilowatts per panel would be a 7,500-kilowatt system, eligible for up to $3,750 in rebates. As long as you have a net metered solar panel installation, you would be eligible for a rebate on any excess power produced. Kansas City Power & Light wants customers to know that customer rebates will vary depending on their application date. Check with them to determine eligibility and to see updates.

Benefits of Missouri Solar Power

When you start to consider installing solar power, you have to realize that it’s a major step toward reducing your carbon footprint. Solar power is sustainable, clean energy that has been harnessed for over a century. Home and business owners who invest in solar power are typically breaking even within five to eight years. They are also seeing savings of more than $20,000 over the course of 20 years. Recent studies show that switching to solar power on a large scale could save more than 50,000 lives every year. Asthma and heart congestion due to pollution is a big killer in larger cities around the world. When you switch to solar power, you’re making a contribution to clean air and fresh water. You’re investing in a system that will pay for itself in the long term and generate rebates from state and federal agencies.

Schedule a Free Solar Analysis with Shine Solar

We’re committed to helping home and business owners install solar systems, and we offer a free solar analysis. We’ll look at your property and see how much sunlight your roof gets every day. We’ll walk you through financing options and get more information about your monthly heating and cooling costs. Shine Solar will not charge you before your solar system is installed. We offer 12-year workmanship guarantees and lifetime system monitoring. When you decide to upgrade your solar panel system, we will buy the original panels back at a rate of 50%. We also offer free re-installation if you replace your room within the first five years of owning our Missouri solar equipment. Drop us a line to learn more about solar panels. We welcome new customers and are looking forward to meeting with you in person. We serve Northwest Arkansas, Southwest Missouri, and Kansas City, Missouri.


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